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Dear Jim,
The other day, I was wondering just how long you've been our accountant and I came to the conclusion, that it's been over 30 years. During that time, I feel you've always given us the best advice, helped protect us from harm and went out of your way to make sure all the documentation was covered. It's obvious you know what you're talking about and you go out of your way to make sure I understand it. As you know, I've never been audited and I believe a lot of that is because, you put together a very honest conservative tax return. So this letter is a thank you from the bottom of my heart all those years you've cared for us. I hope you always have enough time and energy to be our accountant.
R.W., Cupertino



Mr. Walker,
Thank you for all your help and patience in doing my taxes. I appreciate it.
E.G., Campbell



Dear James,
Thank you for the good service you gave us another year. Hopefully we can keep on doing this for many more years to come in good health!!!
Warmest regards,
C.M., San Jose



Thank you for taking good care of us.
M.B., Hermosa Beach



My gratitude to the wise one!
B.B., Soquel



Hey Jim,
Just a short note to say thanks for your advice and encouragement last week... As some famous accountants (you and my father) have said, money is not just financial; it's psychological, too.
S.G., Danville



Hello James,
... Just wanted to thank you for your kindness and help with all my tax issues!
A.C., Saratoga



Many thanks for your help & expertise.
R.C., Soquel



Hi Jim,
... Thank you also for taking care of us this time again, including the wrap-up session, which you generously donated. All the best this summer season,
A.P., Aptos



This letter is in appreciation for all your effort in doing an exceptional job on our tax returns, and all the financial advice you've given over the years we've been associated with you. Your help has significantly contributed to our well being, and future plans for retirement.
G.W., Campbell



Thank you for your email.  I really appreciate your thoroughness.  No more NY returns!
B.G., San Francisco


Dear Jim,
Thank you for all of your help in coming to seeing the “light at the end of the tunnel” with my father’s estate.  My brothers and I really appreciate you and your great work ethic, and your friendship over the years. 
Hope you have a wonderful New Year!
L.H., Davis



Hi Jim, 
Thanks for all of your help!  House hasn’t sold yet. 
Keep in touch. 
K.M., Saratoga


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